Seven Years – Introduction

I am going to do something that God has asked me to do many years ago. Seven years, to be exact. In my life I have totally and drastically made a career change in faith, created sermons way outside of the box in faith, even picked up my family and moved to a new state (new culture, in fact) all in faith. There is this one thing that God has laid on my heart years ago that I have not done yet. Seven years, to be exact. My reasoning, if you care to hear, is that no one wants to read my blog. No one wants to hear my story. I don’t mean that much to other people to take from their most valuable possession – their time. Well, I am choosing today to be obedient. I don’t care if no one ever reads this. I am going to embark on the journey of how God called me, a middle aged female businesswoman, to become a Pastor. I will also add to it the ups and downs of being in ministry as a female. I think people will read it. Only because I would have loved to have shared the journey with someone else. Someone that understood me in a world where I am always misunderstood. I don’t promise to you that I will be grammatically correct. I don’t promise to you that I am some elaborate writer that can bring words to life. I do promise that I will keep my posts short, sweet and to the point. I also promise to be real. To be me. Because that I all that I can be. Over the course of time I will be posting my exact journal entries of being called by our great creator God into a life of the unknown of serving him with all of me. Thanks for reading. 😉 P.Jodes


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