1. The Day

I will share my testimony on my “mid-life calling”. I am Jodi, a 40 year old woman. I have been married for over 25 years to my wonderful husband Matt. I have 2 beautiful children, Chandler who is 17, and Tyler who is 10. I have been what I would have considered a successful business owner for 10 years. I have been able to balance my career, family, physical, and spiritual life pretty well (after many lessons from the school of hard knocks). I knew where I was going and when I would get there. I had my future and my family’s future all planned out. I loved what I did for my career and could not imagine EVER doing anything else in my life. Until one day everything changed…

I don’t remember the exact date. It was in March, 2009. You would think I’d mark it on my calendar or something. I mean, how often does God talk to me directly audibly? It was during a Wednesday night youth service. I was a youth leader by asking for about 3 years. What I mean by asking is that I was never called by God to work with them. I wasn’t trying to relive my youth. I wasn’t a kid that just didn’t grow up. I never dreamt of working with the youth. I was scared of them! I didn’t even want to face my own youth. It was dark and miserable. I wanted to forget it and never think about it again. However, the more I worked with the youth, the more rewarding it has been. I wasn’t committed, either. I would come when I would come and that was about it. So when God talked to me during an intense worship session and said “YOUTH MINISTRY”, I thought, “OK, He is just confirming what I do now”. But when I opened my eyes and saw our youth pastor, He added, “WOULD YOU DO WHAT HE IS DOING?”. My response was flight. I thought I had intercepted Him speaking to someone else. Me? But I had my life planned out as a successful business woman. I would honor God with my tithes. I would minister to people through my work. I literally shut down for the rest of the service. And ran. I didn’t come again to another youth service for months.


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