3. Requests

So I prayed to God to confirm that calling. I asked three things of Him. Not demands, just guidance and reassurance. You see, I did not want to be one of those people that just go into ministry just because they want to serve God. I wanted to make sure it was a true calling from God. Here were my requests:

1. I had sent my pastor an e-mail on how to register for classes. I had an important question that needed to be answered before I could register. My request was that my pastor would answer my e-mail back. I know this sounds pretty small, but I had a string of e-mails that I sent out the same day that multiple people claimed to have not received. I hadn’t heard back from him in a couple of days, so I assumed that e-mail was not received, either.

2. I asked for God to provide funding for my classes.

3. I asked God for Matt to be on the same page as me. I hadn’t told him yet, and I had no idea how he would react. Matt and I have an amazing relationship. We have supported each other in many things. I didn’t think that part of it would be an issue. What I was concerned about was our business. It had provided us with many things, and many more to come. We were just at the point where Matt would leave his job and we would work together. It was going to help us to finish our home, go on nice vacations, and eventually get our lake home we dreamed about. It had already helped us to get so much. In fact in the beginning of April, the company sent us on a wonderful vacation to a vineyard in Georgia – Chateau Elan. This is a first class resort where we learned from millionaires. We toured their homes. We saw artwork in their homes that cost more than our entire house! They pampered us like royalty. I thought this bombshell I was going to drop on Matt would devastate him. We both enjoyed the “extras” in life and worked hard to achieve them.

So how did God answer my “requests”?


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