4. Fasting

I asked God for confirmation and He asked me to fast. I had never done that before, so I asked a few pastors at my church what to do. I got 10 pages of information on fasting. It seems there are a lot of ways and reasons to fast! Here are some reasons I learned:

1. As a means to express grief over a death. (1 Chr. 10:12)
2. Commemorating special occasions of God’s deliverance. (Zech. 8:19)
3. Repenting for disobedience and sin against the Lord. (Judg. 20:26, 1 Sam. 7:6)
4. Expressing humility before God. (Lev. 16:29, Ps. 69:10)
5. Seeking guidance from the Lord by clearing out the senses and focusing on Him. (Ex. 34:28, 2 Chr. 20:3,4)

Yep, number 5. God asked me to fast on Monday. I just got my 10 pages of notes Sunday night and didn’t read them all yet. Hey, I wanted to do this fasting thing right. I didn’t do it on Monday. Besides, my son was going to be home that day with me and I had a lunch appointment for work. How do you fast during a lunch appointment? God told me to do it anyways, but I didn’t listen. My lunch appointment ended up rescheduling. I actually felt sick every time that I ate that day. Kind of funny how things work out.

Thursday was going to be the next day I had free. However, I was supposed to be at work for a meeting. I was questioning Matt with what was going on that day (he was off from work and I wanted to be alone). Matt couldn’t figure out what I was up to, so I said, “I am NOT going to work today, I am going to stay home. I am going to spend the day in prayer and reading my Bible.” He asked me, “Why”? To which I replied, “Because I was told to.” He asked me, “By who?”… “God”. Can’t really argue with that, can you?


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