5. Fasting, Continued…

So what do you do during a fast? God led me step by step. I spent time in worship, I spent time on my knees seeking His heart, I spent time speaking to Him in prayer, I read the Bible, and listened. He told me to write out my testimony.  Then I did some journaling. Then I read in the Bible where God led. I just finished in silence and prayer. It didn’t last all day. He just wanted a few hours of my time. I believe every time God asks us to fast, it is different and we need to be obedient to what He is asking.

Here’s what I wrote:
(July 30, 2009)
Dear God,
What are you trying to tell me? One minute I feel this responsibility to my business, my clients, my team. The next I feel overwhelmingly like you are preparing my heart from ministry. I definately know I have chosen you over my business. You are where my passion lies. I just want to know if you are really calling me to ministry. Me? I am ok with it, but is Matt? Please prepare his heart as well. Please provide for my family financially during this transition. Please restore my soul. Please I ask for the funds for classes. Please reveal to me your plan. I pray that you will speak to Matt so that I know for sure. Please protect me from evil. Please give me confirmation through the pastors at Maranatha. I am trying to wait patiently. It is hard to keep doing my business with this great task at hand. I am asking for your sign, dear Lord.

Here is the listing I made of the Spiritual Gifts from 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
1. Wisdom
2. Knowledge
3. Faith
4. Healing
5. Miraculous Powers
6. Prophecy
7. Distinguishing between spirits (true/false prophets)
8. Speaking in Tongues
9. Interpretation of Tongues

I must add that all of this I wrote back from my journal in 2009. As I look back throughout the years, I see how God uses us when the need arises. I believe at one time or another I have been blessed with each of the spiritual gifts above. I am more familiar and stronger in some more than others, but God can use anyone who is willing to do his work. What spiritual gifts have you experienced? I would love to hear your stories.


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