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7. Journaling

If I can give you any advice, take this- Journal your Journey. However, it doesn’t stop there. Please learn from me and journal in the same notebook. I have 4 journals that I am pulling from and for some reason I have blanks in some of the most important areas. No, you will not remember them. When you turn 40 your brain gets really full and things aren’t as clear. This feels very similar to when my computer had a virus and I lost many very important pictures of a 2 year span when my boys were young. They can never be replaced. It seems like this span of time just disappeared.

Did I ever mention how God answered my 3 Confirmations?

  1. I did receive a response from the “lost email” to the Pastor. Come to find out he was at camp all week with the Youth and didn’t check emails. He answered my question about classes.
  2. An envelope mysteriously appeared on my work desk with just enough cash in it to provide for my 1st class. WHAT?!? No one even knew what was happening yet. It is still a mystery to this day, 8 years later! Apparently God placed it on someone’s heart to leave me a certain dollar amount on my desk in cash.
  3. Matt was totally supportive. One would think, “Why wouldn’t he- isn’t he your husband who should support you?” Well, yes and no. You see up to this point we had spent the past 9 years, 8 months on building a financial services business to be solid and strong enough that both Matt and I could work together towards our families goals and dreams. We were both hard workers and could accomplish anything together. That is why I was surprised when I totally out of the blue approached him with this CRAZY idea of exchanging my CAREER to CREDENTIALS.

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