11. Comparing the Options

I had just received a huge promotion in my business before being called into ministry. This promotion was 9 years in the making. It would allow Matt to leave his work and we would work together as a partnership. I was a Regional Vice President with a huge Financial Services firm, and I believe God helped me get that promotion. Now God was giving me a choice. Stay where I was at in business and be successful, or become a Youth Pastor. I believe God would have blessed me with either choice since I was ministering to others in my business. I also believe God was changing my heart during this process.

When the news was out that I was considering becoming a pastor, a mentor of mine called me. He had been successful in the business for decades and at the time made over $150,000 per month just from his business alone (not including other investments, etc.) Here is my journal entry:

August 25, 2009:

My Conversation with Bill W.-

I am blessed and amazed to have had this conversation. Bill helped me to make sure I am not making an emotional decision. He said that he gets a lot of people that feel “called” into ministry when their businesses are down. He asked me if my business was up and if I was hitting all of my goals with my income at $10,000+/month. At that time it was not, so he asked me if that was the case-would I still want to make the switch? (based on my previous years numbers, that is where I should have been with the new promotion) I thought about it and I believe that I would still want to be in ministry. He also asked me to make a list to compare my financial services career and the ministry. After making that list, I still believe I am called to the church. 

Bill did text me the next 2 days in a row: “I will call you – love you – stay focused!” and “Jodi- you are a very special person with a great future – stay focused and let’s talk in New Orleans. Bill”. Next I will share what my other Bill mentor (Pastor Bill) and I spoke about…




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