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12. “The Other Bill”

There were 2 strong “Bills” speaking into my life at the same time, and they were both challenging in two opposite directions. I wrote last time about a leader in the financial services business named Bill that was encouraging me to stay in the business and minister through the business. God knows we need ethical business owners that are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in this world. It was very enticing. However, I knew that what I heard from God was clear. I didn’t feel like God was pushing me in any direction, but giving me a choice. At the same time, however, he was changing my heart. I fought hard in business. Being a female business owner in the financial services world is tough! It is a man’s world and I was kicking butt! I figured that if I was going to put so much fight into something, I wanted to focus that effort into ministry.

The day after talking to the first Bill, I had a conversation with the other one. This one was my mentor in the church, the Youth Pastor at the time.

8/26/09: I talked to Pastor Bill today. It never fails- I ask him to speak about his experiences and mine are so similar. I am beginning to see how God works and understanding him more and more. My career has been great and such a wonderful opportunity. I am sad to not hit all of my long term goals, but they are not as meaningful to me anymore. Changing lives and winning souls for Christ is more meaningful. Working for the church is my dream. Bill told me that he has never regretting going into ministry and simplifying his life. We took the Youth from church to a theme park today and had a BLAST! I realize I have as much energy as Bill. I can do this!


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