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.9 “The Dream”

Like a Star Wars episode that was unplanned, I am going back to before the beginning. Not the beginning of time, but before God called me into ministry. I need to reiterate the importance of journaling. As I was looking back to before the day God called me into ministry, he was preparing my heart and mind in more ways than one. This one was a big one. He gave me a very vivid, very clear dream from God.


A few nights ago I was blessed with a dream that I know was from God. In the dream, I was fighting a war. The world was ending, and everyone knew that was what was happening. I started fighting physically against the darkness but I couldn’t keep up. The darkness was extremely strong. Then the Lord told me that I wasn’t to fight physically, but listen to Him step by step. He told me to go into a particular building, enter the elevator and go to floor “ii”. Darkness was right behind me. That brought me to a hospital-like facility. He told me where to go and it was a locker room. I was to put on a nurse’s uniform (scrubs). I had my gym bag with me of personal items, and I was told to leave everything there. I was then to call Matt and have him be with our kids, tell them we will all be safe, and I will see them soon. Then, I was to get in front of a group of elderly people. They were all together in a storm safety area. I was to tell them about Jesus Christ. There were earthquakes and storms happening all around us. That was how I was to fight the war against darkness. 

I still don’t know much of what the dream means. Like, what is the significance of floor “ii” on the elevator? What I do know is this. The part of the dream where I was to leave my former self behind and move forward by following Christ step by step has been reality in my life and is still true today. I think that if he told us the big picture of our purpose, we either wouldn’t be able to handle it or we would worry so much about the details of how it could happen that we wouldn’t be effective. The other thing that rings true is fighting darkness by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will I ever know the significance of every clear detail in this dream? Probably not, but I will keep moving forward with what the Holy Spirit lays on my heart each day.



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