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13. God Qualifies the Called

So how does a business women preach to teens? I was asked to preach a Wednesday Night Youth Service. The Youth Pastor was gone, the right hand man to the Youth Pastor was gone, and the Worship Leader was gone. The entire night was laid into my hands. A full hour and a half. What do I do for that long? It seemed like eternity. I prepared and learned that it is a lot of work to plan out a full night’s youth service. It was also a wonderful experience where I learned to trust the Holy Spirit. You see, when it was all finished, we still had 20 minutes left of service. I have never been known to be long-winded. Instead I was quiet and shy most of my life. If I had something to say I said it and that was it. Well, 20 minutes is a long time to have left after a service. And that’s when God showed up to fill it.

I played some music to have some reflection time. Then a student tapped me on the shoulder. He had a burning desire to share some scripture. He shared what he had to say and we had prayer time. God let me know that he just wanted quiet time with the students. I learned to start trusting in the Holy Spirit that night and it was a good reminder that each service belongs to God. The night was a success, not because of me but because of God. It was a reminder to me that God called me not for my ability, but for my willing and obedient heart.

“The reality is that the Lord never calls the qualified; He qualifies the called.”
― Henry T. Blackaby



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