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15. The Big News

Written about a year and a half after God clearly called me into ministry (read prior posts to catch up, they are numbered). This one really shows my lack of faith at the time as well as how impatient I was. 🙂


I have almost lost hope that God wants me to be a pastor. The last time I spoke to the Youth as a Large Group on a Wednesday Night I flopped big time. I love Sunday Morning small groups! I was thinking that my special gift is just leading small groups and staying with that. I really enjoy that and feel confident leading small groups. Then I got the news…

I was asked to co-host the all church Variety Show! Me! Out of the entire congregation of 1000 people! I was very nervous and actually not really looking forward to it, but it ended up being a major BLAST! It also reminded me that when I relax and be myself, I am good on stage with a large group. I was told that this was to get me in front of the adults. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I tucked it away in the back of my mind. 

Then I received a phone call from the Pastor at the other church campus. I was sitting in the Shopko parking lot with the boys in the backseat. We had just finished in the store.

He said, “Got a minute?” Yup.

“I have a question for you. Can you talk at the ending session of the Youth New Years Eve Retreat? About how you were called into ministry and the Paranormal (the theme for the retreat) experience it was?” Sure!

“Got another minute?” Yup.

“Sometime in the next few months we would like you to do a 2-part series at the Chisago Campus on Sunday mornings.”


I was totally speechless. Me? I know they are very cautious as to who they allow in the pulpit. What an amazing opportunity!  I guess we don’t always see how God pulls things together to accomplish His plans.


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