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16. New Years Youth Retreat

12/31/10 A portion of my notes at the Event. Some things will repeat from prior but I felt that I should include them.

God knows you, He created you, He knows your quirks, your weaknesses, your dreams. God has called you for a special purpose and it is up to you to find that purpose as well as let Him reveal it to you.

He knew that purpose even before you were born. When you are living out His purpose and obeying Him, amazing things happen in your life. “Living Waters” flow through and out of you and you will have peace. You will be able to bless others. 

I was a successful business woman. What I would dream about and what I longed for were power and control. I led both strong men and women. People came to me for advice and knowledge. I wanted was a large business, to be somebody, wealth, a mansion, a Mercedes S500 (think “Men in Black” car). I told my team of agents and clients I would always be there. I loved what I did and never even imagined doing anything else.

Then “IT” happened. One night in worship with the Youth during a Service I was intensely worshiping and seeking God’s presence when I heard God say “Youth Ministry” clearly to me. I opened my eyes in disbelief looking up to see the Youth Pastor start talking. I felt God say- “Would you do what he’s doing?”. I thought, “No Way! You must be kidding me! Are you talking to someone else? Am I overhearing another conversation?”

I felt that I was already living my God-given purpose. I loved what I did. I mentally checked out right then and there and ran. Literally. I left the service and soon went to California to visit my brother. At about the same time my father-in-law, business partner and best friend died suddenly and unexpectedly from a massive heart attack. My whole world flipped upside-down. When the dust settled, I felt this great pull to learn the Bible and spend my time immersed in it. God was changing me on the inside. 

… (I am leaving out this part because it is all written in the prior posts on this blog)

God will speak to you if you will listen. When you obey and take a step forward in the direction that He is showing you, it’s amazing what happens. Don’t know that direction? Pray, Pray, Fast, Pray. When you take one step towards Him, He will take one step towards you and His steps are HUGE. You will feel a fullness and peace inside like nothing else you have felt in this world. 

Whew. I was relieved when that was over. I really didn’t know how I did, I was just glad that I was finished. Another leader approached me later and told me that I did a good job. She  told me that she could really tell that God’s anointing was on me to speak. What encouragement! Thank you Pastor Bill for believing in me enough to allow this rookie to speak.


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