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18. God’s Call comes to Fruition

Fruition. Would that be considered “Christian-ese”? I am sorry if it is. I can’t stand Christian-ese. Seems like I have only used this word after being in the church world. However, it is the appropriate word to use here. After 5 years of volunteer Youth Ministry, I was asked to be an on Staff volunteer. I will explain more after this excerpt…


Two weeks ago our family went to Madden’s Resort for Matt’s Minnesota Grocer’s Association meetings. I did some of my work there to avoid using vacation time which only led to frustration on my part. When we got home and began to unpack, I noticed a missed call. I listened to the voicemail and it was from our Senior Pastor at his home number. I called him back and he wanted to meet with me that same day or the next morning because he was leaving on a trip. Boy do things happen when you least expect them to! He talked to me about focusing my Sunday energies into Wednesday Nights. The current Youth Pastor would be going to the second church campus full time. I would become the “Youth Director”. Volunteer for now, with a salaried position negotiable in a few months. 

My current prayer as I am nearing Youth Pastor:

God, you have called me and I believe this is your will. You continue to provide for me and my family. You have helped us with our finances for schooling and I am asking for help to finish paying off debts by the interviewing process. Please continue to provide for our family. Help me in this position to do your will. Thank you Lord! Amen.

As I have stated in prior posts, this is a large church that belongs to a very large denomination. They brought me on as a “Youth Director” volunteer was because they were taking a huge chance on me. I hadn’t fully finished the credentialing process done by the district offices yet, which is why I was not a “Youth Pastor”. The church also had taken on this second campus and was carrying it financially. That is why it was volunteer to start. They would revisit in a few months to see financially what they could offer me and see how I was doing in the position.


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