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19. Four Months In

I remember the first months of ministry “running the show”. I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing besides emulating the leader before me. I was so reliant on God. As I progressed and gained wisdom from experience, God kept pushing my limits and stretching me. In fact, to this day he keeps pushing and stretching me far beyond where I think I am able to go. I am convinced that He really does not like us to be comfortable where we are at.

After Four what seemed to be long months of amazing ups and downs of working a full-time office job, raising a young family and running a decent sized growing Youth Ministry, God provided a paid staff position for me at the church. Looking back, four months really isn’t a very long time to wait. However, when you are in those months trying to keep everything running smoothly without an end in sight, it seems like a long time!


Pastor Mike told me he would take a leap of faith and hire me on as a paid staff position. He told me to give my notice at work. I am so excited! This is really happening! I start on Monday. I will be helping out at my current job until they get someone hired and trained in. I start at church part-time 30 hours a week +  5 hours volunteer time. This should work out because my car will be paid off in a few months. Things are moving along wonderfully! Matt got transferred to the local Cub store so he will be working just a few miles from home.


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