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20. Life as a New Youth Pastor

Today is June 1, 2017. In May, I resigned from my current church in Wyoming as the Youth Pastor. Yesterday was the first Wednesday in a decade that I was not ministering to teens. I write this because it is ironic to me that I am up to the date in my blog when I first became a Youth Pastor. Many years of great memories.

Looking back to the Summer of 2012:

Living the Youth Leader life was great! I mean, you get to hang out with the teens. Really hang out. You are responsible for them, but ultimately the Youth Pastor is responsible so it’s so much more chill. I LOVED being a Youth Leader. The downside is work gets in the way of doing all of the fun stuff that the Youth Pastor is “required” to do like go on Missions Trips and go to Camp with the students. In 2011, I led a missions trip for the teens with a friend of mine who was also a Youth Leader. There was a huge difference when it was all on my shoulders as a Youth Pastor. I chose to do a Middle School trip as well as a High School Trip plus two weeks of camp.

7/16/12: Jr. Teen Camp-

Camp is like a vacation compared to a missions trip! I have my own room and we get to actually sleep in! I wasn’t too happy with the organization we used for the Middle School missions trip. The teens would have been better off going to camp instead. They didn’t push them at all. Without them being uncomfortable and stepping out, there is no growth. At camp, I have 12 girls that I am the counselor for. I love hearing their stories and how much they are willing to share. Many are seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, so I am praying for that for them. 

My Prayers as a new Youth Pastor at camp: “God you want me purified and Holy, Sanctified. I know you want to change me, I realize this. Lord, change me from the inside out. God, what do you want to do through me this year? I hear “Get Ready, Be Ready”. I want to be prepared for 100+ students, Lord equip me. Lord, bring me the leaders you want for your kids. Lord, help me to get worship ready. Lord, prepare me to be usable. I want to be used by you. What do you want me to do to lead your Youth Group? Please anoint me with your power to preach your word. Give me your love for people and give me the energy to do this.”

God spoke to me at this camp. He told me that the difference I make in the world won’t be seen in this lifetime, but in the next of those I am going to disciple. He also said that he has given me my portion of His spirit and that is all I need now. I loved camp so much that I rearranged my schedule to come to Sr. Teen camp also! It is a great experience to allow others to minister to the teens and then follow-up with one-on-one time after the services.


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