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22. Dependence on God

Like anything in life, once we do something for some time, we start to become comfortable and rely on our own knowledge. I do believe Wisdom and Knowledge are great assets, but in ministry you have to develop a constant reliance on God in order to grow. We (meaning me) become comfortable and I know for a fact God does not like comfortable. How do I know this? Because He has constantly kept me in an uncomfortable state since seeking after Him. He does not like it when I am comfortable because then I do not rely on him but on myself. Being uncomfortable forces us to seek after God for help and guidance. If none is received, we still need to keep our faith in Him and seek harder. One of the ways that we can seek after Him for a big decision is by Fasting and Prayer.

Fasting may be different every time you decide to do it or as the Lord leads you to do it. This won’t be an informational session on fasting. It is Biblical and I will let you do your own research on that in the Bible. I have fasted many different ways, but a few years into my ministry I chose to do a Daniel Fast. I chose to fast this way because I wanted to do a longer fast and my top addictions were caffeine, sugar and carbs. I knew this was going to be tough, but I had many questions I was seeking after God to answer for me to guide the ministry. The Daniel Fast is basically eating what Daniel ate: meats, vegetables and fruits.

At the beginning of a fast like this, there are really tough physical pains to push through. My head hurt so bad that I couldn’t even do my normal work. It also prompted the biggest migraine that I have ever had in my life. This is what I was seeking after from the Lord:


  1. Call Loud and Clear the new 7th Grade Female Leader this month so she can be up and running by January.
  2. Speak to me and guide me on the Spring 2014 Retreat details.
  3. Help me heal through losing 2 leaders for moral issues. 
  4. Direct me on any changes I need to make in ministry.

11/27/13 God as already answered some of my requests!

  1. God has clearly called someone to be the 7th grade female leader! She is excited to start in January.
  2. The Youth Retreat will be held at church lock-in style as an outreach. Still praying for the speaker and more details.
  3. Still praying for healing, but letting it go slowly. God is good.
  4. I need to just listen to God and he will direct me step by step as needed. 

As I write this in 2017, I reminded myself that in my current time of transition, this would be a great time to fast. I am going to pray and ask how God wants me to fast. I will also pray for how He wants you to fast and that He will answer your requests. It is a spiritual battle. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We need to communicate with our creator in a spiritual way and that way is by fasting. God bless you.


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